Institute of Earth Sciences and National Seismic Monitoring Centre


On December 9 to 14, 2015, the personnel of the software department of the Institute of Earth Sciences and Seismic and Geophysical Network Service, upon request of the Geology Institute of the Science Academy of Armenia, for the purposes of sharing professional experience, visited Armenia. Within the visit, a practical training was provided for the employees of Armenia’s Geology Institute Network and Software Maintenance. Within the framework of collaboration, in order to directly transfer the data from the seismic station, Armenia was granted for temporary exploitation two internet routers and transmitting antenna free of charge.


As a result of joint efforts, the data from two seismic stations of Armenia can now be transferred directly (online) to the Geology Institute of the Science Academy of Armenia, as well as the Seismic Monitoring Center of Earth Sciences. Apart from this, the data from Georgia’s National Seismic Network seismic stations located in the region of Javakheti can also be transferred directly (online) to Armenia.


Similar collaboration activities facilitate the cultivation of collaborative relations between the neighbor countries and make the data exchange process far more flexible.