Institute of Earth Sciences and National Seismic Monitoring Centre
  • Georgia’s National Seismic Center is operated by the Institute of Earth Sciences. The network comprises 25 permanently operating digital seismic stations, out of which 21 functions in a direct-transmission regime (for information on the network follow the link: seismic center). The prime objective of seismic and geophysical network is to guarantee an unimpeded functioning of the network. Since the quality of observing seismic networks is considerably dependent upon the corresponding equipment, seismic equipment is regularly upgraded and the old equipment is replaced by the new one. The stations are equipped with short period and broadband sensors. Several accelerometers are in our possession at this point in time. The network is provided with homogenous equipment, namely, sensors (seismic equipment) from Guralp Company (Great Britain); for the purposes of transmitting data from seismic stations, we use an internet modem. Use of two cellular operators simultaneously facilitates the process of seismic monitoring. For further information, please, see: Services

Department staff

Position: Head of National Seismic Network Service
Research fields and branches:
  • Geophysics
Position: Chief Specialist First Category
Research fields and branches:
  • Seismology
  • Seismic Network
Position: Junior Specialist/Operator
Position: Junior Specialist