Institute of Earth Sciences and National Seismic Monitoring Centre
Chief Specialist at the Department of Geology, Institute of Earth Sciences and PhD student of Geology Giorgi Boichenko()attended the University of California, Davis for spring semester, 2017, at the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Planetology.

Invitation was sent by the professor of Davis University, geologist Eric S. CowgillDuring the visit Giorgi Boichenko was involved in lectures with the faculty, field expeditions, seminars and internal meetings of the faculty.

Giorgi Bochenko worked actively with Professor Eric S. Cowgillon his PhD with topic:Investigation of neotectonic deformation in eastern segment of Adjara-Trialeti zone. The topic includes active research of Tbilisi and surrounding areas of the structural geological, tectonic, active tectonic and geomorphological directions.

Ilia State University
Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia